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Fsb Cloud company Datacenter Locations

Fsbcloud is a brand of FSB Technology. FSB Technology have different datacenter locations arround world network. There are 3 data centers in different regions. Namely Usa, Europe and Asia. You can see our datacenter locations in below picture.

  • Fsbcloud FSB Technology there are different datacenter locations in the world network


Discover our own Worldwide network and how we can offer you a total capacity of 3 Tbps !

Lease Web

LeaseWeb is one of the world's largest Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting brands.


EvoSwitch offers colocation services and IT infrastructure solutions for organizations that require a secure and scalable IT environment. Located in the Amsterdam area close to one of the world's largest internet exchanges, our datacenter is the perfect cost-effective gateway to Europe.


Tour of Equinix DC11 Data Center in Washington D.C.


Equinix IBX® Singapore 3 (SG3) Data Center Tour


Turkey's rapidly growing data center is Radore

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