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  • Remote reboot

    With an easy-to-use interface, securely rebooting your systems from anywhere becomes a breezes.

  • Reserved RAM and Storage

    Our scalable computing capacity in the FSB Cloud allows you to upgrade CPU, memory,storage, and networking capacity as your desire.

  • Data recovery

    Our data recovery system regularly backs up your entire data to our offsite data centres. This means in a rare case of data loss, you can get all your data in minutes compared to traditional backup approach which can take several days to do.

  • Disk Redundancy

    In the event that, perhaps, your entire system itself might fall by the wayside, your data is stored on several disks to ensure its secure.

  • Management Support

    You have access 24/7 to our highly trained professionals to help you resolve issues that may crop up

  • Network Backup

    Network backup process gives you the benefit of having a reliable backup performed in a reduced amount of time.

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