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Cloud Monitoring

The process of reviewing, monitoring and managing the operational workflow and processes within a cloud-based IT asset or infrastructure. It is the use of manual or automated IT monitoring and management techniques to ensure that a cloud infrastructure or platform performs optimally. Benefits of Cloud Monitoring Cloud-based server monitoring is a quick and easy service to implement, with no upfront capital costs or infrastructure to deploy. You can have full monitoring of all your critical servers set up in minutes, while still tending to your business. Here are top six benefits of cloud-based server monitoring.

  • Easy Maintenance

    FSB cloud solution comes without any additional maintenance overhead, as this responsibility lies with the host. There's no hardware for you to maintain, no additional operating systems to patch and any time an update is released, it is implemented immediately, with no effort on your part and no worries about compatibility, dependencies or conflicts.

  • Fast and Easy Setup

    FSB cloud solution already has the infrastructure in place, and should have pre-configured setups to make it as simple to get started as possible. Agent- based installs mean no firewall changes, hardware or software installations are required, and you can get started in minutes.

  • Device and Location Independence

    No matter the device you are using, cloud-based server monitoring makes it easy to see what's going on across your applications with our easy to use web-based management consoles. These can be viewed by any device with a browser and Internet access, wherever you are. You don't have to deal with admin consoles with complicated software installs, or having to login with your desktop or laptop to know what is going on.

  • Cost-effective Deployments

    As the cloud services are offered on a subscription-based pricing model, cloud-based server monitoring solutions allow you to keep costs low and manageable. That keeps set up costs minimal, as you pay only for the systems you want to monitor. Since they do not require infrastructural changes to your network, you can convert capital expenditure costs into operational ones.

  • Remote Management

    Our cloud-based solutions work with lightweight agents to monitor the health of workstations and servers and communicate back with the cloud. This gives you complete visibility across all of your systems.

  • Scalability and Agility

    Cloud-based server monitoring solutions can support your business growth efficiently. Whether your network infrastructure grows rapidly, or through acquisition, the on-demand provisioning of licenses means you can add new servers on a self-service basis. With FSB cloud-based server monitoring in place, you can become proactive, and start getting results.

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